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October is the time for leaf peepers to visit Steamboat Springs and its state parks to see some of the most stunning fall color transformations. Temperatures range from lows of 25°F (-4°C) and highs of 59°F (15°C) so make sure to bring a wide range of warmer clothes. There are 11 hours of daylight and it doesn’t rain too much with 7 rainy days on average. The first snowflakes may fall in October with 6 inches (15cm) of snowfall on average for the month.

After some active time whilst hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing,...take some time to relax in the beautifully warm springs. Here is a great guide on what to do in general and an explanation of the two different hot spring facilities.

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Steamboat Springs Weather by Month

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Steamboat Springs boasts ideal weather for each season. Winters are snowy and temperature lows can drop to 3°F (-16°C). There is a great ski area and plenty of snow. For less busy ski lifts, visit in early April (snow conditions usually allow for slopes to stay open until mid-April).

The rainier months between April and May are also called mud season - as it’s the most rainy time and sometimes too wet to hike. Rates are cheap though and the hot springs are at their constant 102°F (39°C)- the ideal time to simply relax and enjoy the wonderful spa.

The summer months are beautifully warm and in July it can even reach highs of up to 82°F (28°C). It’s a great time to bike, hike or enjoy the summer sun at one of the lakes or the Yampa River.

The fall’s shoulder season offers temperatures ranging from highs of 72°F (22°C) in September to lows of 15°F (-9°C) in November. It’s a less busy time but still great for enjoying the outdoors by hiking or biking.

Things to know about Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs is surely one of the kindest towns in the west of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. For anyone who loves the outdoors it’s heaven on earth with its surrounding national parks.

Some of the best summer and shoulder season adventures include:
Steamboat Springs house fence grass rocks mountain
Steamboat Springs waterfall stream spring
Steamboat Springs is a paradise and most famous for winter visitors as you can choose from endless activities outlined in the following:
Steamboat Springs trees snow sky
Steamboat Springs camp fire trees sky

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