Salt Lake City Weather in July

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High temperature: 90°F (32°C)
Low temperature: 68°F (20°C)
Hours daylight/sun: 15 hours
Water temperature: 0°F (-18°C)

July is the hottest month in Salt Lake City as temperatures soar to 90°F (32°C). Bringing good sun protection is a must! The weather in July in Salt Lake City is very summery indeed with hardly any rain (only 2 days in the whole month) and beautifully mild nights 68°F (20°C). The Great Salt Lake reaches lovely and warm water temperature of 81°F (27°C) and days are very long with 15h of daylight on average allowing you to make the most of your vacation!

Summers aren’t usually as busy as winters in Salt Lake City but people have realised what a great base Salt Lake City makes to explore the incredible variety of the nearby National Parks - so we still recommend reserving your vacation a bit in advance. Check out the Days of 47 website for annually changing events celebrating the pioneers of Utah. And you will be able to choose from the fantastic array of BBQs, fireworks, parades and much more to celebrate the 4th of July.

High and Low Temperature in July °F

Water Temperature in July °F

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52°F clear sky
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Salt Lake City Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Salt Lake City

Well, Salt Lake City has something to offer to everyone each season of the year. Skiers obviously head there when the nearby ski resorts are open which is usually between the end of November until mid-April.

Spring and fall are great to get outdoorsy whilst avoiding the summer crowd and heat and for grabbing better deals. Fall is definitely preferred over springtime given much less crowds.

And summers are nice and hot with highs of up to 90°F (32°C). So while it’s a great time to go for a hike, you might want to choose trails in the woods to get some shade too!

Things to know about Salt Lake City

Utah’s largest city is beautiful and has lots of sights. Salt Lake City is located in the middle of some stunning scenery including cliffs, vast bridges connecting the mountains as well as desert flatlands - the contrasts are magical! The founder of the city is Brigham Young - the head of the Mormons, who started to erect the first buildings in 1847.

Salt Lake City was and remains a trade centre and transport hub for the surrounding mining hubs given the rich reservoirs of copper, coal and oil. Since 2002, when Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics, it started to attract more visitors too. Nowadays you can choose from masses of hotels, entertainment, shops, restaurants and sights too.

  • Temple Square: One of Salt Lake City’s landmarks is Temple Square. Over 5 million visitors admire this square with its majestic Salt Lake Temple each year. As it belongs to the Mormons, you can only admire it from the outside as a visitor though. The interior design is said to be magnificent. But in the adjoining beautiful park are a museum, library and further buildings which can be a worthwhile visit in itself.

    • The buildings of the city’s government (Salt Lake City and County Building) are very impressive and it took over 3 years to be opened in 1894. The over 250 ft tall tower remains a landmark and its sandstone finish is rather interesting.

    • Utah’s Capitol Building, on the other hand is a perfect example of the neoclassical style as it was finished in 1916. Situated on a hill, you can admire its perfect proportions and exquisite decorations on the fassade. The building is open to the public on certain days so you can enjoy the antique sculptures and art that it hosts.

    • Also very popular with tourists is a visit to the historic Park Place Heritage. In its center you will find a memorial which provides a reminder of the first immigrants.

    • Art lovers would enjoy a visit to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and especially if on a trip with children we recommend a visit to the Utah Museum of Natural History.

    • Nature lovers can enjoy walks around Liberty Park. There you will find a lovely lake, sports facilities as well as playgrounds. You can visit an old mill as well as an aviary. Found in 1881 the historic park also has some lovely historic buildings scattered around.

      • If you enjoy walks you should definitely head to the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. There you can find loads of parks and amusement parks too. The amusement Park of ‘Lagoon’ is a must when visiting with children! Rent a bike and explore the mountain range during a guided tour or just relax in one of the charming coffee shops. Also check out the old Planetarium ‘Hansen’, which is a jewellery shop now.

      • A highlight of your trip could also be a visit to the opera house ‘Hale’ or the concert hall ‘Broadway’.

      Beside the city’s own attractions, Salt Lake City is best known and loved by ski fans. In the immediate surrounding of the city you will find fantastic ski resorts. Not just during winter but also in summer, visitors can enjoy staying in Salt Lake City as a base to explore the surrounding nature.

      • During the winter months you can enjoy all sorts of winter fun in the nearby ski resorts of  Alta (skiers only - no snowboards), Brighton (local favourite for its lower prices), Deer Valley (most luxurious resort), Park City (the largest ski resort in the U.S.), Snowbird (the hippest resort), Solitude (if you want to avoid the crowds) and Sundance (most rustic resort).

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