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The weather in Puerto Rico in January is beautifully warm with highs of 83°F. The sun shines for almost 8 hours each day and even at night it is hardly ever colder than 72°F. The sea invites you to splash around with its water temperature of 79°F. On average there are 18 days of rain to be expected for the month of January. The rain mostly occurs in the form of showers or thunderstorms and passes relatively quickly. Generally, the north and the mountains are wetter than the south. Hurricane season is still far away.

Besides enjoying the beautiful weather on the stunning beaches, there are plenty of events on in January to keep you busy. One of the major events following Christmas is the celebrations around the Three Kings on the 6th of January and the place to be then is Juana Diaz. Also in January is the San Sebastian Street Festival and especially for surf enthusiasts, there is the Legend Surf Classic in Rincon.

High and Low Temperature in January °F

Water Temperature in January °F

Current Weather Puerto Rico

77°F few clouds
Local Time

Hourly 10 Days

Averages Puerto Rico

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

83° 84° 85° 86° 88° 89° 89° 89° 89° 88° 86° 84°

Low °F

72° 72° 73° 74° 76° 78° 78° 78° 78° 77° 75° 73°


8h 8h 9h 9h 9h 9h 9h 9h 8h 7h 7h 7h

Rainy days

18 14 12 13 16 14 19 19 17 18 20 20

Water °F

79° 79° 79° 79° 81° 82° 82° 84° 84° 84° 82° 81°

Puerto Rico Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico

Given its tropical climate Puerto Rico is a beautifully warm place to visit any time of the year. The least rainy months are March and April and as such, probably the best time weatherwise for a beach vacation. From May until August the waves are the highest> and the conditions are ideal for surfers.

If you are planning to visit the Rio Camuy Cave Park or the El yunque rainforest, it’s best to choose some of the drier months, like February, March, April or June. In terms of the least crowded time of year, November and May are the best choices. The peak hurricane months are August and September.

Things to know about Puerto Rico

The insular area of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean impresses with its beautiful and quiet bays, a lively capital city and a huge amount of nature and greenery. Here is a guide of what to explore on this stunning island.
Puerto Rico San Juan festival flags buildings
Puerto Rico San Juan Castillo San Cristobal
Puerto Rico rainforest trees
Puerto Rico San Juan sea city santa maria magdalena de pazzis cemetery
Puerto Rico San Juan sea waves sand palm trees
Puerto Rico waterfall

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