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January is the coldest month in Phoenix but hang in there- the coldest month in Phoenix means that it still reaches highs of 68°F (20°C) combined with an average of 8 hours of daily sunshine. January is a great time to visit Phoenix and explore everything the great city has to offer. ‘Snowbirds’ will be sure to have a fantastic time. Nights can cool down to lows of 45°F (7°C) so do bring a coat if you are planning an evening out! January is also one of the rainier months in Phoenix. But with an average of only 3 rainy days, even then you don’t need to worry about it- it is in the desert after all!

Head to Phoenix in January for some lovely warm weather conditions allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors including some fantastic Golf Courses and of course, an incredible array of hiking possibilities. And the famous holiday ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo are still on until the middle of the month. In January, you might also be lucky to get some better hotel rates compared to the very busy spring break months ahead.

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Phoenix Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Phoenix

The best time to visit Phoenix is in the months between November and April when temperature highs range between 68°F (20°C) and 86°F (30°C). Temperatures are nice and mild but not too hot then. You needn’t worry about rain gear whenever you visit Phoenix but do make sure to bring a coat as evenings can get cold with lows of 44°F (7°C) in December. Even though Phoenix loves to boast about its unbeatable amount of sunny hours, you’d better avoid visiting during the hottest summer months when temperatures reach a sizzling 106°F (41°C) unless you are prepared to bear the heat in exchange for some great hotel deals.

Things to know about Phoenix


In comparison with many other cities, Phoenix really does have a charm that will make you want to stay there for longer. The bright sunshine, blue sky, mild climate, lots of parks, palm trees, water fountains and small interconnected districts with beautifully built houses makes you feel at home straight away. Besides all that, Phoenix also has a great amount of museums, chic shopping districts, a Zoo and many hiking and golfing options.

Phoenix’ History

Already in 300 BC, Hohokams inhabited the Valley of the Salt River. They were masters in transforming the dry desert into a very fertile area through an extremely clever watering system. Their pinnacle was reached around 1100 AD with a population of 50,000 to 100,000.

Thanks to the Hohokams, the South West was introduced to cotton and its weaving technique. When the Americans reached the valley in 1860, the Hohokams had already disappeared mysteriously but the new inhabitants made great use of their watering system.

Due to the constant attacks from the Pinal and Tonto Apaches, not many people risked settling in the area. Only in 1865 with the arrival of the army following the first gold finding and the erection of the Fort Camp McDowell did the area started to become safer. More and more farms developed and the city of Phoenix was finally founded- just like the Phoenix rose from the ashes. The city developed rapidly from then and replaced Prescott as Arizona’s capital in 1912. Today Phoenix is the eighth largest city in the USA.

Phoenix Sights

The Papago Park is a huge recreation area with many interesting rock formations, artificially created lakes, parks with palm trees, picnic areas and hiking paths. Located in the park are the Phoenix Zoo, the Hole-in-the-Rock, the Desert Botanical Garden and the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting. If you want to explore all of these you will need at least one full day.

The Desert Botanical Gardens are particularly beautiful from March to April when the wildflowers and cacti are in full bloom. All sorts of different plants flower in different seasons though. Besides being able to see local cacti, agaves and wild flowers, you can also enjoy many exoctic plants from different deserts.

Based on a private initiative, the Phoenix Zoo was founded in 1962 and shows mammals, fish, birds and reptiles from Arizona, Africa and other tropical countries. Very interesting is the ‘Arizona Trail’ which shows all the animals local to Arizona and the Sonora desert.

North of the Zoo you will reach an area open for picnics and surrounded by many little lakes. The area is incredibly picturesque and full of palm trees- an oasis compared to the busy city. You will also want to see the Hole-in-the-Rock, a sandstone with a hole in the middle. When you climb up to it you will have a great view down over Phoenix.

Finally, Papago Park also hosts the Hall of Flame - Museum of Firefighting. It is the largest museum dedicated to firefighting. You will be able to see historic as well as modern firefighting vehicles, clothes and much more.

Pueblo Grande are the 1500 year old ruins of the Hohokam. Located in the centre of Phoenix you can explore their watering systems as well as a large oval hole which is believed to have been used for ball games. Even older, from the 5th century, are the nearby and so called ‘pithouses’ or underearth houses.

The Arizona State Capitol with its huge copper dome dates back to 1901. Today, the former government building hosts the Arizona Capitol Museum with countless photos and exhibits about Arizona’s history.

The Arizona Science Centre is a modern science museum which particularly encourages children to explore scientific phenomena through play. The themes range from dinosaurs to computers. The Science Centre also hosts a planetarium as well a 5 storey high IMAX theatre.

The Heard Museum is host to probably the best collection of exhibits of the native American cultures of the South West. In includes ceramics, weapons, art and much more. Particularly beautiful is the collection of jewellery and Kachina figurines of the Zuni and Hopi tribes. The museum also has a lovely outdoor sculpture garden.

With over 18,000 exhibits from the Renaissance to the modern era, the Phoenix Art Museum is the largest art museum in the South West. The main focus lies on French paintings of the 18th century, contemporary, Asian and Mexican art as well as so called Western Art.

The Musical Instrument Museum with its huge collection of historic and modern instruments from all over the world is a must when visiting Phoenix/Scottsdale. Each continent has its own exhibition about instruments as well as costumes and theatre requisites. 

The Hoo-hoogam Ki Museum shows details about the Pima and Maricopa.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is located in Mesa and its main attractions are the reconstructed dinosaur skeletons. Kids can have lots of fun exploring the reconstructed dinosaur landscape. You will also see quite some details about central America’s history and the Salado and Hohokam tribes.

Phoenix Activities

Besides countless hotel pools and 27 public pools, Phoenix also boasts its huge water park Big Surf. There you will find sandy beaches, artificial waves, water slides, rafting and surfing opportunities. Guaranteed fun for kids!

The Salt River Tubing and Recreation area is the pinnacle of tubing and during the hot summer weekends it turns into a huge beach party!

Rainbow Ryders organises hot air balloon rides which allows you to explore the Sonora desert from above. It’s a fantastic experience!

The South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the USA. On a distance of over 40 miles you can hike or ride horses through the desertlike scenery. On the summit of the South Mountain you have a beautiful panoramic view over Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.

Hikes around Phoenix

Above Paradise Valley, about 8 miles north of downtown Phoenix, rises the Camelback Mountain. From its summit you can enjoy beautiful views onto Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun. Both, the Echo Canyon Trail as well as the Cholla Trail will lead up to the summit.

Just behind the residential areas of Phoenix starts the Sonora desert. If you want to explore the desert in a slightly different way you can rent some dirt bikes, offroad motorcycles, quads, Jeeps etc. and drive around.

North of Phoenix is the district of Scottsdale. With its wide alleys, palm trees, fountains, parks, elegant villas, exclusive hotels, restaurants and galleries, it is the best place to stay when visiting the area of Phoenix. There are endless shopping opportunities from exquisite jewellery, designer clothing to art and unusual vintage clothing. When you come from Phoenix you first reach Papago Plaza, a Shopping Mall in the Adobe Style surrounded by palm trees. You will also see the white tent roofs of the SkySong Center. Further north you will reach the Old Town with the ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Help’, a Spanish missionary church. It is worth parking and strolling around the alleys with its sweet and small souvenir shops. East of the Old Town you will find the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts as well as the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. You might then want to visit Fifth Avenue with its lovely shops and restaurants and the Waterfront.

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