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In August in Orlando there are temperature highs of 91°F in Orlando- hot! The Florida sun will shine for more than 8 hours each and every day and temperature ‘lows’ are 75°F. The nearby Atlantic Ocean has a water temperature of 81°F now and if you can fit it into your trip, a day or more at the stunning Florida beaches would be highly recommended! Note though that August is also the wettest month in Orlando with 14 rainy days on average. That doesn’t mean that the rainy days will be complete wash outs but there will be showers for sure. Especially in the second half of August, the hurricane season starts with the risk of strong winds accompanying passing storms.

If you feel like taking on the risk of possible storms, you will be rewarded with much shorter waiting times at the rides when travelling in the second half of August. In any case, the kids will have so much fun exploring the endless fun at the theme parks! And some of them come with a great thrill, really!

High and Low Temperature in August °F

Water Temperature in August °F

Current Weather Orlando

73°F overcast clouds
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Averages Orlando

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

72° 74° 78° 83° 88° 90° 92° 91° 89° 84° 78° 73°

Low °F

52° 53° 58° 63° 69° 73° 75° 75° 74° 68° 59° 60°


6 7 9 10 10 9 9 8 8 7 7 6

Rain days

4 4 5 4 5 12 13 14 11 5 3 4

Water °F

62° 59° 67° 72° 77° 80° 80° 81° 83° 78° 71° 65°

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Best Time to Visit Orlando

The subtropical climate in Florida means it’s beautifully warm all year round! Summers can get hot with highs of 92°F and it’s quite humid too so in case you are sensitive to humidity, best avoid the months between June and September. That’s also the rainy season in Orlando but usually there are only relatively quick passing rain showers. It’s really worth bringing a rain poncho as they will charge a lot for one in any of the parks.

Even in winter there are highs in the low 70s F - ideal for exploring the endless activities that Orlando has to offer! Rarely and particularly at night, Orlando can have lows in the low 50s F- so pack a jacket if travelling at that time of year! Spring and fall with temperatures in the high 70s F are a fantastic time to visit, especially if you’re planning lots of outdoor fun. Note that the hurricane season runs from August until October.

Things to know about Orlando

With 45.3 million visitors each year, Orlando, which is located in central Florida, is called the ‘capital of tourists’. It was only in the 60s when Orlando started to flourish. That was when Walt Disney had the crazy idea to build a gigantic theme park in the middle of the Florida swamp land. And so he did and many others followed him. Today Orlando offers around 50 different theme parks. Combined with the ideal weather conditions and beautiful landscape, it’s the No 1 travel destination in the US.

Here you will find a little handy summary of things to do while you are visiting:

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