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June in Miami Beach - South Beach is when families start their summer beach vacations. It is now hot with highs of up to 88°F and the Florida sun shines for an average 12 hours every day. So the main thing to pack should be sunscreen! The Atlantic Ocean water temperature has now warmed to 84°F so the kids can endlessly play around in the water or on the beautiful white sand beaches! Even nights are beautifully warm in June with lows of 78°F..In June it starts becoming quite humid but usually you will get relieved by a nice breeze. Rest assured though, all the hotels are equipped with AC. The AC will also help you cope with the humidity. The humidity goes together with the rainy season - you should expect some rain as the monthly average for June is 13 rainy days. But the rain mostly passes through quickly so shouldn’t interrupt the day too much.

Besides all the trendy bars and restaurants, it’s also the art that attracts many visitors to Miami Beach and especially South Beach with its Art Deco District. In June you will find many art experts and enthusiasts who come to visit the Art Basel. June is also when the official hurricane season starts in the Atlantic Ocean although it only reaches its peak in mid-August.

High and Low Temperature in June °F

Water Temperature in June °F

Current Weather Miami Beach - South Beach

79°F broken clouds
Local Time

Hourly 10 Days

Averages Miami Beach - South Beach

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

75° 76° 78° 81° 85° 88° 90° 91° 88° 84° 80° 77°

Low °F

63° 64° 67° 71° 75° 78° 79° 79° 78° 77° 70° 66°


9h 9h 10h 11h 11h 12h 12h 11h 11h 10h 9h 8h

Rain Days

6 5 6 7 10 13 17 16 18 15 10 7

Water °F

73° 74° 76° 78° 81° 84° 86° 86° 84° 82° 77° 74°

Miami Beach - South Beach Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Miami Beach - South Beach

You will most likely be able to fully enjoy a vacation in Miami Beach - South Beach at any time of the year. Depending on your weather preference, you might find that some months suit you better. From November until April, for example, you will enjoy milder temperatures together with less humidity and less rain.

From late February until early April you will also see many Spring Breakers heading to South Beach to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery and parties.

The summer months are hotter, more humid and it does rain. But even then, when it rains it rarely lasts longer than one hour and some rain can be quite welcome when it’s so hot.

Spring and summer are the high seasons in Miami Beach and South Beach. Book soon if you’re planning to visit then so as not to be disappointed!

Things to know about Miami Beach - South Beach

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Florida is probably Miami. And to be exact, it’s probably Miami Beach with its almost 10 miles of beautiful white sand beaches.

The southern part, known as the famous South Beach, is the place where most visitors head to and it’s also where you can admire the Art Deco District.

North Beach is host to many luxury second home developments as well as hotel resorts. Miami Beach lies on an artificially enhanced island off the coast of Miami. The Biscayne Bay divides Miami from Miami Beach.

South Beach (SoBe) is the area from the bottom of Miami Beach up to the 23rd Street and some of the must sees include:
South Beach Art Deco
South Beach street cars palm trees buildings
South Beach buildings at night
Miami Beach Lifeguard Hut

Mid Beach is often called Miami Beach and lies between 23rd and 63rd Street. From 63rd Street upwards is North Beach. Mid Beach as well as North Beach is where it starts to get more quiet and less pricey. It’s where you will find more families enjoying their vacations. Some places of interest in that area include:

Miami Beach - South Beach Location

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