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The weather in Los Angeles in November is beautifully warm with highs of 73°F (23°C). Even now you can enjoy the beaches, parks, famous boulevards and with 10 hours of sunshine each day, you’ll have plenty of time to do so. There isn’t too much rain to be expected yet either with 2 rainy days on average. Do however bring a light jacket as temperatures can drop to the low 50s F (10s C). The Pacific Ocean has a water temperature of 64°F (18°C) in November.

November is a fantastic time to visit Los Angeles and explore everything the enormous city has to offer. The weather will be just right to hike around Griffith Park or chill on the fantastic beaches. If you are visiting at the end of November, try to get tickets for the unique Hollywood Christmas Parade. And reserve a table to eat one of the best Thanksgiving dinners you will have ever had.

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2 2 2 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Best Time to Visit Las Vegas

Spring, especially the month of May, as well as fall are the best times to visit Las Vegas. It is pleasantly warm during the day and you will only need a warm coat as the sun sets.

Only in the months between December and March will you have daytime temperatures below the 70s F (20s C). The nights cool down to freezing point during these months.

In the months between June and September it can get really hot during the day with highs of 107°F (41°C). But even then it’s acceptable to spend the days near the pool as the heat is very dry. And in the evening it cools down to more pleasant, mild temperatures even in the hottest months.

Things to know about Las Vegas

Las Vegas is probably the most unusual city in the United States. The sights within the city are simply made up of its huge hotel complexes and shopping malls of which most are located on one single street called the Strip.

Here you can spend one moment in Venice, the next in Paris and a few steps further you will be in ancient Rome where you can see white Tigers as well as erupting volcanoes. It’s a whole city built as a theme park for adults but kids can have plenty of fun too!

Below you can read about what you definitely have to see while in Vegas, which hotels are actually worth the money, how to best plan a visit, what to look out for when visiting with children and much more…

Hotels The choice of hotels in Las Vegas is enormous. Nowhere else will you find that many hotels on one single road and nowhere else are the price differences so large as they are in Las Vegas. Here is a summary based on the average cost.

Cheap hotels Given the vast offer of hotels, cheap hotels start from $50 per night. Of course you can’t expect the service of the high end hotels but you are sure to have good fun together with some other party friends!

Medium priced hotels In the mid price range you should expect to pay from around $100 per night unless you plan to travel on a weekend or during a convention. Hotel standards are pretty high.

Expensive hotels Within the 5* luxury category you will find names such as the Bellagio and the Wynn. The latter even comes with its own golf course. The add ons you will make most use of will probably be the gigantic hotel pools and huge rooms. Prices start from $200 per night.

Off the strip you will find places such as the Red Rock Resort which is recommended in case you are looking for more peace and quiet and it’s in the middle price range. The M Resort is located on the very south end of the Strip and is one of the luxurious hotels. It is quite a drive away but if location doesn’t matter, it’s a great choice too.

3 days in Vegas… Two to three days are perfect for a first visit and you will be able to see all the main attractions, hotels and buffets. Much longer might get tiring in the heat and with all the stimulations around… The only thing you have to see in Vegas is the Strip with all its hotels, malls and other attractions. Given the heat during the day, it might be good to explore the inside of the hotels during the day and stroll around outside in the evenings. The Strip is very long so it’s a good idea to split the exploration over two days and check out the northern half on one day and the southern half on another…

One day at the Northern Strip To explore the Northern Strip start around Flamingo Road and the Flamingo Hotel. This hotel already opened in 1946 and gives you a bit of a Miami Art Deco vibe. Check out the flamingos in the courtyard. Next, check out the Linq and its High Roller from where you can get great views of the city. You can give the Harrah’s a miss and head straight to the Venetian. Take a gondola ride just like in Venice and stroll along The Grand Canal Shoppes. Further north you will find the luxury hotel Wynn which is designed in a Japanese way with enormous flower arrangements, water and great restaurants.

On the opposite side of the strip you will find the Circus Circus. Built in 1968, it got into its years and so did its adjoining Adventuredome. You can stroll through the Fashion Show Mall and head on to Treasure Island. It used to be all in a Caribbean style but changed a bit and lost a bit of its charm over the years. Much more impressive is the Mirage with its White Tigers and beautiful atrium. But another level is Caesars Palace which follows. It’s built in the style of the old Roman Empire and impresses inside and out. The Forum Shops are well worth a visit too and you should also check out the buffet.

One day at the South Strip Start your exploration of the South Strip with the Paris Las Vegas. A must are the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the little streets inside. The village buffet is also well worth a visit. Give the Planet Hollywood and a few more little hotels and shops a miss and head further to the MGM Grand. It used to be famous for its lion cages (they aren’t there anymore). Take a photo with the lion statue! Have a look at the Tropicana which was built in 1957 and again gives off some of that Miami vibe. A bit further south you will find the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign.

Heading back in the opposite side you’ll find the Mandalay Bay which gives a happy holiday feeling and impresses with its Shark Reef Aquarium. After that are the 4 hotels of Luxor, Excalibur, New York-New York and MGM Park which were all built in the 90s. Take some time to really explore inside and outside the pyramid at the Luxor and the streets of the New York-New York. Also check out its roller coaster. And at the end you will find the Bellagio. It is probably the most beautiful hotel in Vegas and you must take your time to see its fountains outside as well as its botanical gardens inside.

One day at the surroundings On your third day it might be a great idea to take a day trip to some of the stunning areas surrounding Las Vegas. Ride along the Scenic Drive to Red Rock Canyon to hike around and take in the stunning nature. Not much further and even more beautiful is the Valley of Fire. And a highlight could of course be a helicopter trip to Grand Canyon. The hoover dam is another must see is the well known hoover dam.

Or if you are into shopping you should visit one of the Outlets around Las Vegas. We would most recommend the Premium Outlet Las Vegas North which with over 150 shops is a great choice.

Las Vegas with children: Given Las Vegas’ nature as ‘Sin City’, you wouldn’t think of it as a family vacation destination at first. But actually, the beautiful hotels have so much to offer for children. Top of the list are the pool landscapes! The children can enjoy these with the matching heat! Then most of the hotels also offer child care so you can actually also head out and do some gambling too.

When walking with children through the casinos (it’s actually allowed to walk through with them) you mustn’t ever stop- just keep walking! In terms of attractions with children, at the fore of your list should be the Adventuredome Theme Park, the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, the Shark Reef Aquarium, the High Roller Observation Wheel, a Gondola Ride and an Eiffel Tower experience.

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