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July Overview

July is the hottest month in Chicago with highs of 82°F (28°C). It is also only now that you can enjoy a swim in Lake Michigan, with a water temperature of 68°F (20°C), alongside exploring this great city. Days are long and the sun shines for an average of 10 hours each day. Temperatures rarely drop below 70°F (21°C) - not even at night. It doesn’t rain too much either with an average of 6 rainy days for the month. In one sentence- the weather is ideal for visiting Chicago in July!

Well, the great conditions come with a downside- a lot of visitors and high rates. Make sure to book your trip as early as possible. Investing in a tourist pass to help you to jump the queue for the most visited sights is a great idea, especially in July. And if you get too hot, you can relax on one of the fantastic beaches around the lake. And then after all the activities you can recharge your batteries with some of the best food at the Taste of Chicago Festival and enjoy some great music at the Square Roots Festival.

High and Low Temperature in July °F

Water Temperature in July °F

Current Weather Chicago

53°F overcast clouds
Local Time

Hourly 10 Days

Averages Chicago

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

32° 36° 45° 56° 66° 77° 82° 81° 74° 62° 50° 37°

Low °F

22° 26° 34° 43° 53° 63° 70° 70° 62° 50° 39° 27°


4 5 6 7 9 10 10 9 8 6 4 3

Rain days

5 7 5 7 7 9 6 6 5 7 4 7

Water °F

40° 37° 36° 37° 39° 46° 68° 72° 68° 61° 50° 43°

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Best Time to Visit Chicago

Weatherwise, any time between May and October is a good time to visit ChicagoSpring and fall aren’t too warm with temperatures ranging from anything between the 30s F (0s C) and the 70s F (20s C) making it ideal for exploring the city.

Summers do get really summery and warm with highs reaching the low 80s F (high 20s C). Between July and September is also the time you want to visit Chicago if you would like to take a swim in Lake Michigan too.

Winters are best to visit to save on accomodation but it does get chilly with temperatures around the freezing point, cold winds and snowfall of up to 11 inches (27 cm).

Things to know about Chicago

Plan a city trip to Chicago because it doesn’t always have to be NYC that’s front of mind for a city break! For anyone into art and architecture, Chicago, as the city of birth of the skyscraper, has so much to offer and can compare itself without doubt to NYC in this regard. Starting with Chicago’s location, it’s simply unique how much Lake Michigan resembles the sea and spreads out in front of the US’s third largest city. So you can enjoy some summer vacation feeling on the beach or the pier during your city trip.

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