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In terms of temperatures and climate, December is an ideal month to be in Cancún. Hurricane season is over, the temperatures are between 70°F (21°C) and 82°F (28°C) and the water temperature is approximately 80°F (27°C). There are around six rainy days in December and about seven hours of daily sunshine. At the end of the month the dry season starts again.

The climate is not only ideal for beach days but also for discovering adventure parks and maybe you are brave enough to explore the jungle on a thrilling zip line. Although the conditions are perfect for exploring the underwater world with goggles and a snorkel, you may want to know a bit more about sea life. The Interactive Aquarium Cancún may be perfect for that. Finally, December 31st truly is a wonderful day to spend your last hours of the year in Cancún with parties everywhere.

High and Low Temperature in December °F

Water Temperature in December °F

Current Weather Cancún

82°F few clouds
Local Time

Hourly 10 Days

Averages Cancún

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

81° 82° 84° 86° 88° 88° 90° 90° 90° 86° 84° 82°

Low °F

68° 68° 72° 73° 77° 79° 79° 77° 77° 73° 72° 70°


7 7 8 9 8 7 8 9 8 7 7 7

Rain days

5 4 3 2 4 6 4 4 7 8 5 6

Water °F

78° 78° 79° 80° 82° 84° 84° 84° 84° 84° 82° 80°

Cancún Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Cancún

Cancún has a tropical climate and a warm water temperature throughout the year, therefore nothing stands in the way of a beach holiday all year round. There are two distinct seasons in Cancún: the wet season (May to October) with around 89°F (31°C) and the dry season (November to April) with an average temperature of 83°F (28°C). Also because of the hurricane season (June to November), the best time to visit Cancún is in the peak season from December to April. The quietest in terms of crowds and for good deals are the summer months and early fall.

The weather in spring is perfect but summer is usually rainier than other seasons bringing short-lived thunderstorms and rainfalls. The temperatures and humidity are progressively rising over the summer. In general, during these months the weather in Cancún can be very changeable: sometimes there is a downpour and shortly afterwards the sun shines again.

The temperatures from November to April are perfect for a summer holiday, but make sure to pack a light jacket to be on the safe side as it can get a little chilly sometimes. The typical tropical weather usually returns quickly even though colder showers can occur sometimes.

Always check the weather forecast, especially if you are planning your trip during hurricane season from June to November. During this period there can be tropical rain and hurricanes.

Things to know about Cancún

The Mexican city Cancún is not only known for its tropical weather, 13 miles of white sand beaches and the stunning turquoise sea but also for Mayan culture and international cuisine. Just before Cancún became a large city and tourist hotspot, there were only some small prisine fishing villages and Mayan ruins. Now there are a lot of hotels, tourist attractions and great events and parties - so Cancún basically offers a mix of old and new and is surrounded by beautiful nature!

Cancún can be split into two districts: the hotel zone and Downtown. Most tourists stay at the hotel zone aka zona hotelera during their holiday. It is known for beautiful beaches, partying and of course for a lot of hotels. If you want more of a city vibe, you might like it better Downtown, also known as Ciudad Cancún, where the locals live. Downtown provides flea markets, parks and it is the perfect spot for foodies because there is a lot of street food and you can find some of the tastiest taco stands. You can even book a Mexican Taco Tour if you are a real taco lover!

If you are more of a nature lover, there are a variety of wonderful spots you should not miss out on! There are also a lot of adventure theme parks giving you the chance to do some zip lining and other activities in nature. You should definitely go and check out the beautiful cenotes on Yucatán Peninsula, the four charming islands Isla Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy and Puerto Morelo and the wonderful underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving. From May to December you may also get the chance to see some sea turtles and also some whale sharks arrive in May, having their peak season between July and August. If you like birdwatching, make sure to visit Isla Contoy or go kayaking in the Nichupte Lagoon. On Isla Mujeres which is just a 20 minutes ferry ride away from the hotel zone you can take a pause from the touristic area and explore some ruins of Hacienda Mundaca.

So Cancún is a great place for all culture and history enthusiasts. The Chichen Itza Maya Ruins, which are a UNESCO world heritage site, are probably one of the most famous spots. But there are also El Meco North of Downtown Cancún and Tulum, which is by the way perfect for a day trip, with some Mayan ruins worth visiting.

Before you leave Cancún, make sure you’ve taken a selfie with the Cancún sign which you can find on Playa Delfines. Another great way to take beautiful photos is on the Scenic Tower (Torre Escenica), which slowly spins 360°, giving you the chance for some perfect souvenir pictures.

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